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Your 3 Roofing Choices

A homeowner has three choices when it comes to roofing issues. The first is to go with the big brand names. They will charge an arm and a leg, and the deductible will be huge. They will do a good quality job. Then on the other side you have the one man show, who usually is not insured, and does a good job but is not aware of all the safety regulations and codes of the city. Some may do a decent job, but they can give no warranties if things go wrong. Then there are small business, who are insured and bonded. They are licensed. They have a crew that specializes in the roofing side of the industry. Not a "handy man" who is jack of all trades. We can get a roof at no cost to you with a deductible traded for a sign in the yard, and you will have a 7 year limited warranty on the our craftsmanship All the safety codes will be followed, and if there are any issues in the 7 year time period they will be taken care of. Unlike the handy man who you may never see again if something goes wrong and the big brand names who will charge you an arm and a leg one more time. So, do you think its logical to go with us?