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Waterproofing and Roofing

We can’t stop the rain, but we can certainly help prevent it from damaging your structure. Our waterproofing services can help you avoid costly repairs or replacement that can result from your roof deteriorating under constant exposure to moisture. Whether your building is currently under construction, or you are just looking to upgrade the existing roof on your facility, the highly experienced team at DFW Best Roofing can provide the most up-to-date waterproofing services available.

We can expertly design the best waterproofing solution for your building based on local weather patterns, environment, building design, and budget, and can walk you through the entire scope of your project, from initial estimate to job completion. Once the job begins, we promise to do it right the first time.

The trade referred to as “waterproofing” encompasses a wide variety of specialty applications of different waterproof products. Ultimately, Chamberlin's commercial waterproofing services include the professional installation of waterproofing materials that keep water out of your property, buildings, garages and parking garages.

The success of any roofing or waterproofing system depends on well-conceived and constructed details. Whether the structure has a low or steep slope roof system, a plaza deck with various hardscape elements and water features, or a below grade foundation system in variable soil conditions under hydrostatic pressure, the selection of the right product and its detailing in the context of the project application is of paramount importance. Attention to even the smallest detail(s) often can dramatically impact the performance of a roofing or waterproofing system.

DFW Best roofing and waterproofing experts have reviewed thousands of system failures and have an intimate knowledge of a wide range of roofing systems—from historic clay tile to the latest in green roofs and sustainable design, to plaza decks, and foundation waterproofing systems in positive and negative side applications.

Building owners know the importance of a water-tight structure. DFW Best roofing and waterproofing professionals provide a holistic approach to each project by addressing the roofing or waterproofing system, the supporting structure, and integration details that tie-in with enclosing or perimeter elements.

DFW Best Roofing commitment to every project carries through the Construction phase. DFW Best roofing and waterproofing professionals work hand-in-hand with contractors to ensure design concepts are met and the building and its contents are protected from the devastating effects of water.

  • Visual inspections and condition surveys
  • Roofing/waterproofing failure investigations
  • Roofing/waterproofing design reviews
  • Contract documents for repair and replacement
  • Field observation during construction
  • Wind uplift testing
  • Roof core analysis and testing
  • Nuclear and capacitance moisture surveys
  • Roof management programs

Flat Roof Waterproofing

Water cannot slide off flat roofs like sloped roofs, but a simple solution exists to resolve this problem. Waterproofing or sealing your roof with the proper coatings is essential to prevent leaks or other costly damage from water puddles. We have waterproofed hundreds of flat roofs and saved customers thousands of dollars thru preventative repair.