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If you got our roof insurance claim denied twice give us a call and we can help. 817 381 6855

We have helped hundreds of families that we denied twice, give us a call, we can share with you what our insurance specialists do to help you.  It takes longer to go through the process, but it works almost 87% of the time in all legitimate claims.  

Unfortunately, the insurance companies deny claims for untenable reasons – 30% of the time, 

Only 1% of disappointed claimants challenge their denials. Of those who fight back, 50% win. If your claim contains no exaggerations, you can win. You should even challenge accepted claims and ask for even more. You have good chances of winning. 


Many homeowners’ insurance claims are answered over the telephone – with no written record. You must always insist that the insurance company give you a comprehensive printed reply to your claim, with explanations. Some states even require written explanations. With one of these in hand, you are better able to study their explanations for discrepancies. Often, there denials depend on personal interpretations of the rules by a low level claims officer. Challenging these can bring results. 


You should call the company weekly and persistently ask for a quick settlement. Make sure that you maintain detailed logs of all phone calls and the names of the people you speak to. You will have proof for your fight then. 

We do this of course with no cost to you.   So give us a call today.