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Our company DFW Best Roofing has been serving the DFW area for over 10 years.. We have a group of trained crews who have the skills in dealing with different types of roofing services. We are always accessible to the clients and ready to provide our services in case of any emergency situation. We mainly provide the following roofing services mentioned below:

Residential Roofing: On receiving service request from the clients; we will immediately reaches to their residential houses. There they first will inspect the condition of the roof. We love to put our clients in control. We love to give them the options, so they can choose for themselves, what is best for them. they will either repair the roof or replace it with the new one. In case of any tiny holes on the existing roof our workers block such holes quite easily. Our workers are very professional and never leave any room for complaints. We will beat any estimate or bid by 5%.

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Commercial Roofing: We are also specialized in taking great care of the roofs of the commercial establishments which include corporate offices, shopping malls, and multiplexes. On receiving the servicing request our workers reach the business with minimum delay. Here also they first diagnose the condition of the roof to assess its vulnerability. Then accordingly they take the necessary action of solving the problem. They either install new metallic roof, TPO or put coating on the existing roof to prevent further damage. Our service is the most affordable and we will any bid by 5%. 

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Roof Repairs: Roofs may get damage because adverse weather conditions. We try to address the issues as soon as possible. Our workers first gauge the condition of such roof simply at a glance then they quickly settle for the work. Our crews have the latest equipment to plug any holes and to install a new roofing system. In case of any emergency they replace the old one and install new or put on tarps. 

Roof Replacement: Our company is always concerned with the roof condition of the customers. Sometimes there emerges the necessity of replacing the old roof covers from the house.  They first diagnose the prevailing condition of the old roof and then choose their next course of action after the customer let us know what option they feel most comfortable with . We offer many different warranty options.  

Inspection: To prevent any impending damage consumers can easily call for our free service of inspection. They just need to dial our helpline number and place their service request. Our workers will soon arrive at the spot for free inspection. All our workers are experienced in handling variety of roof problems. Hence they can easily detect any problem if it really exists with their experienced eyes. In case they detect any problem they shall fix it without levying any charge. Consumers can forward their complaints if they need to pay charge under this service offer.

Insurance Claims: Wind damage, hail damage, water damage, fire damage and other types of natural disasters are sometimes covered by insurance claims.  We are here to help any customers with the whole insurance claim process.  Everything from filing the claim, to meeting the adjuster, to doing the work approved by the insurance claim.  

Wind Damage: . Our workers on reaching the spot first see the extent of such damage to decide their next level of action. They first remove the tree and plant branches from the existing roof and then remove the deposited sand and dust particles with the help of a broomstick. Then we either install new roof or repair it. We offer the lowest prices in the market.

Storm Damage: Our crew is always prepared to provide emergency service in the event of any adverse weather conditions like cyclone, hailstorm, tornado and many more. As a result of such natural disaster the roof of any house is easily damaged and leaving the resident helpless. Our workers on reaching such desolate household immediately try to install a new roof cover or tarps as soon as possible. 

Fire Damage: Our company sends its workers when receive report of roof damage because of fire. Our workers instantly reach the affected spot and replace the burnt roof with the new one. In case of any partial damage they fix the damaged spot quite effectively. Again, we offer roofing at a very affordable price.

Flat roofing: Our Company is specialized in providing flat roofing service to our clients in business establishments. This type of roofing prevents any sort of damages effectively. Our workers very efficiently flattened the top portion of the roof and ask for affordable service charge on completion of the task.

Shingle Roofing: We are experts in shingle roofing at the most affordable pricing.  Give us a call today at 8173816855.  


We will beat any bid by 5%.

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