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Mesquite Roofing

Mesquite Roofing
Mesquite Roofing

DFW Best Roofing has been putting roofing systems over Iowans heads since 2006.  That’s a lot of shingles.  That’s a lot of new roofsroof repairs and roof replacements, and a lot of happy customers.

Remember, a good roof is not luck. It is the result of durable, quality products, accurate bids, and experience. Our company is available for year round service, is insured for your protection, and emergency calls are handled promptly. Your home is the major investment of your lifetime, so don’t take chances with a “joe-blow roofer” – call the professionals at…. Superior Roofing!

commercial roofing
commercial roofing


Whether you have a commercial manufacturing facility, an apartment building or another type of flat roof, DFW Best Roofing is the leader in commercial roofing solutions for your project.

Free Roof Consultants
Free Roof Consultants

Many Roofing Options

At each step in your project’s process, DFW Best Roofing has experienced roofing experts who will give you sound advice, and a variety of options to fit every budget.


We Will Beat Any Bid or Estimate By 5%

residential roofing
residential roofing


Whether you are building a new house or re-roofing your home, DFW Best Roofing has a solution with superior products and service for you.

roofing repairs
roofing repairs

Roof Repairs

Storm damage? Leaky roof? With certified roof inspectors and a dedicated repair team, DFW Best Roofing is your best choice for roofing insurance claims, roof repairs and preventive maintenance.

Our Roofing Process

When you contact our team for a roof repair project, we will ask a few key questions to determine the best route of action.  Through this initial phone conversation about the nature of your repair, we can determine a price and send out our service team.

We strive to always work within the predetermined budget.  Sometimes during the repair process, additional damage is discovered within the roofing system.  If this discover will require more work than originally expected, we will discuss our findings with you.  After you approve of the revised route of action, we will move forward.

At DFW Best Roofing, our goal is to keep your home or business safe and secured from the elements.

DFW Best Roofing is an expert in commercial, industrial, and residential roofing. Here is a sampling of the quality products and manufacturers that we represent and install. Contact us for a free quote or with any questions about our products and partners.

Low-Slope Roof Systems



  • Elite Master Contractor
  • Custom pre-fabricated PVC roof membrane.


  • Premium PVC membrane.
  • Authorized Sikaplan Installer



  • North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.
  • TPO and PVC roofing options.
  • Master Select Contractor

Standing Seam and Architectural Metal

  • Long lasting, high value, metal roofing systems
  • Experienced installer in all types of metal roof details



  • Full line of low slope roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO, and PVC.
  • Authorized Roofing Contractor


Steep-Slope Roof Systems


Owens Corning

  • Full line of specialty, architectural, and traditional shingles
  • Preferred Contractor


  • Leading manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly, synthetic slate and tile steep-slope roofing products.
  • Gold Star Installer



  • Premiere shingle manufacturer for over 100 years.
  • Select Shingle Master Contractor

Ludowici Roof Tile

  • America’s highest quality clay tile roofing manufacturer.
  • Great for historic restorations and high-end tile roofing applications.
  • Certified Crown Roofer


Standing Seam and Architectural Metal

  • Long lasting, high value, metal roofing systems
  • Experienced installer in all types of metal roof details

Cedar Shakes

  • One of the world’s oldest and most durable roofing products.
  • An experienced cedar shake installer.

Our Roofing Products And Services Include:

  • Residential roofing – Cedar shake roofs, architectural shingle roofs, flat roofs and rubber roofs
  • Commercial roofing- Shingles and cedar shake roofs
  • New roofing system installation
  • New construction
  • Roofs for multi-family units
  • Roof repair
  • Insurance work – Roof repairs due to wind, hail and severe storm damage

We handle all insurance work that results from wind, hail and storm damage.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

What are asphalt roofing shingles and what is asphalt’s role in roofing shingles?

Asphalt roofing shingles are the most commonly used covering on residential properties in the market.

Asphalt’s primary purpose in roofing shingles is to serve as a waterproofing agent.  Asphalt also holds the granules in place and adds to the overall strength of the roofing shingle.  The best asphalt will stay flexible and will not dry out or become hard or brittle for the expected life of the roofing shingle.

DFW Best Roofing complete roofing system
DFW Best Roofing complete roofing system

The installation of an asphalt roofing system is a smooth process from start to finish when your working with DFW Best Roofing. From selection of shingle color to jobsite cleanup, our team works together in an organized and efficient manner. During the process of putting on the roof, we take care in removal of the existing roof, inspect and prepare the roof deck, install weather-tight layers systematically to ensure each step of the process is thorough. The roof will be installed to manufacturer’s specification and local building codes.

Your new roof is more than a shingle

A shingle roof is composed of many different parts.  From the decking that provides a solid base to the ice and water shield, flashing, and fascia, a roofing system depends on all of its parts to stay weather tight.  Choosing the right roof means more than picking a beautiful shingle color and design.  It also requires determining the type of flashing, soffits, fascia, and roof vents.  Every little piece of your roof will play a role in protecting your home and belongings from the elements.

Roof Inspection
Roof Inspection

DFW Best Roofing will provide you with a free roof inspection written report, with photos. It is a document based on the opinion of the trained professional, an analysis of the exterior roof and structure as captured by walking on the roof and photo documentation, assessing the condition and life of a roof. These inspections may be beneficial to you when buying or selling a house or working with your insurance company during a time of storm damage.

We use quality Timberline brand shingles on almost every roof we do, ensuring a premium solution for every home or organization. With DFW Best Roofing, we guarantee a great roof with every project. Learn more about our roofing services below.

New Roofs

DFW Best Roofing works with building contractors and homeowners for new construction projects. We’ll assess structural needs to ensure proper drainage and installation no matter the scale or level of complexity. We’ll also help you identify the system and color options that are right for the project.

Tear-Offs and Replacements

DFW Best Roofing handles a large number of tear-off and replacement projects each year. Our team will come out and recycle your current shingles then install a premium system with guaranteed craftsmanship. With a full staff and contractor at every project site, your roof can be replaced within a day’s time and the site will be as clean as you left it.


DFW Best Roofing can install shingles directly over existing shingles and to tin roofs for added protection.

Discovering that your roof is damaged or leaking can be stressful.  Fortunately, Tri-County Enterprises offers a full-time service repair team to take care of your roof repair needs in a timely, efficient manner.

Our repair services include:

  • Replacing missing shingles
  • Determining source and repair roof leaks
  • Changing pipe boots
  • Sealing kitchen and bath vents
  • Flashing repair
  • Ice Dam removal/repairs
  • Ridge cap replacement

Our roof repairs are professional and high-quality, designed to eliminate the concern of a leak.

Here are a few images of damaged roofing systems that our team has been called in to repair.
There are many different causes of damage and deterioration for shingle and steel roofing alike.

pipe boot  

damaged shingles  

damaged shingles  

missing fascia  

roofing repair work  


Are you in need of emergency roofing services?

 provides temporary repairs and tarping of homes during emergency situations.  When the premises has been secured, we will work with you to plan and quote a thorough repair project to get your roof back up to 100%.

During times of widespread storm damage, we have our guys ready to divide up, helping as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

hail damage  

Reasons for emergency repairs can include:

  • A tree on the house
  • A puncture hole in the roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Roof leaking
  • Possible roof damage (we are happy to help homeowners who aren’t sure whether or not their roof requires repair)

Mesquite Steel Roofing Services

Steel roofing is a high quality, economical option for residential and commercial buildings. A premier roofing material, metal offers extreme protection for your home:

Durable – Metal is more durable than most roofing types, with an expected lifespan of over 50 years, and an ability to withstand high-velocity winds.

Low-Maintenance – An additional benefit of having a metal roof on your home is its low-maintenance status, requiring little on the part of the homeowner to keep the roof in pristine condition.

Highly Efficient – Its natural reflectivity makes steel roofing extremely energy-efficient.  This bonus enables the roof to pay for itself over its lifespan; far more so than event the most reflective shingle roofs.

Aesthetically Appealing – Metal roofing is available in a variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement the architectural design and surroundings of your home.  From standing seam panels to stone coated steel tiles, metal can be customized to suit many needs.

Overall, metal is the highest-performing roofing material, with its durability, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and low-maintenance status.

Mequite Steel Roofing


Mesquite Painted Steel Roofing


STANDING SEAM: Longer Life. Lower Maintenance.

  • Great panel look: 16” panels in striated, ribbed or flat designs
  • Class 4 Hail Resistance
  • No exposed fasteners provide long term added protection
  • Environmentally Friendly 100 % recyclable
  • Roll formed onsite for custom measurements and installation
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Class 90 Wind Uplift
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost than typical shingle roof

Painted Steel Roofing Services

Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal

New trends have made painted steel roofing popular in residential neighborhoods as well as rural areas. Industry advancement in technology and materials have produced a variety of colors and textures, making it simple for you to select the roof that will be best for your needs. As with residential shingles, you should ALWAYS do your homework when selecting a metal roof. You may expect to receive one thing and be delivered another. Ask for material samples and manufacturer information.

painted steel roofing
painted steel roofing
mesquite pained roofing
mesquite pained roofing
painted Standing seam
Painted Standing Seam
painted steel roofing
painted steel roofing

Mesquite Roofing Services

Making the decision to purchase a new roof is often intimidating for consumers and prompts a lot of questions.  What type of material should we use? How much is it going to cost? How long is it expected to last? Luckily, the experts at DFW Best Roofing can answer all of these questions and make professional recommendations so that you can make the best investment for your money.  

Selecting the right materials can reduce many overhead costs and increase the longevity and efficiency of your roof.  At DFW Best Roofing, we use only the best quality roofing materials on the market.  

Commercial & Residential

The professionals at DFW Best Roofing provide expert roofing services for both commercial and residential properties in DFW and surrounding areas.

Repair & Emergency Services

If your roof requires immediate attention, call the roofing professionals at DFW Best Roofing right away.  Leaks, dents, and wind damage need immediate repair in order to prevent further damage to your roof and to protect your home or business.  No one responds to your roofing emergencies and repairs more promptly and effectively than DFW Best Roofing!


You can avoid high roofing costs by having DFW Best Roofing inspect and maintain your roofing on a regular basis. Biannual roof inspections will allow us to check for damage and complete necessary maintenance services to extend the longevity of your roof.


Our roofers are seasoned veterans and can install any type of roof for your DFW home or business. Because we are committed to quality and service, we will make sure the project is completed to your specifications. From start to finish, we keep you updated so you know exactly what is happening with your roof and why.

Asphalt Shingle, Steel, Rubber & Other Roofing Choices

We are dedicated to providing the best service and a wide variety of attractive roofing choices. Our array of options includes shingle, steel, flat, and more. Whatever you choose, DFW Best Roofing will complete with project with professionalism and style.

Do you have a flat roof?  We have a solution.  Our team of roofers have specialized training in installing rubber roofing membranes, which are seamless and help to prevent the detrimental effects of UV rays.  Rubber membrane roofing can be beneficial for either for commercial or residential properties.

Shingle Recycling

DFW Best Roofing strives to be part of the solution for a better environment. We provide recycling and reuse of all viable roofing materials.  Our contractors will be happy to dispose of your old roofing materials in a way that lightens your environmental footprint.

Repair your roof with dependable roofers.

Leaks in your repair can cause a great amount of damage if not fixed in a timely manner. Keep your roof maintained with the help of expert roofers, Four Star Roofing & Siding. From the moment you suspect a leak, they can come out and inspect it thoroughly.

Once there is confirmation your roof is damaged, it is then time to have it repaired. At times, the roof can be so damaged that you need a new one installed. Other times, it can just be a simple repair needed. You can know for sure by having us take a look at it.

  • New roofs
  • Tear offs
  • Roof repairs
  • Rubber roofs
  • Shingles

Customize your roof for greater appeal.

One of the great things about having Four Star Roofing & Siding install a new roof on your home is you get to choose the color and material. This allows you to choose the roof that is appealing to you and fits your lifestyle.

Types of roofs include:

  • Rubber roofs
  • Shingles
    • Atlas Pinnacles
    • Owens Corning Shingles
    • Malarkey Shingles
  • Flat roofs
  • Aluminum
  • Metal

mesquite roof repair
mesquite roof repair
mesquite roof repairs
mesquite roof repairs
mesquite roof installation
mesquite roof installation
mesquite new roof installations
mesquite new roof installations
roofing mesquite
roofing mesquite
Mesquite new roof
Mesquite roofing

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