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Maypearl Roofing

Maypearl roofing financing
Maypearl roofing financing

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At DFW Best Roofing, our family's goal is to make your experience better than you expect, resulting in the increased the value of your home and your enjoyment of it for years to come. For over two decades, our family has partnered with DFW homeowners to tackle their home improvement and roofing needs quickly and efficiently, with the utmost in personal service, professional workmanship and quality materials.

May Pearl Roofing
May Pearl Roofing

Whether you're experiencing a roof leak, noticing water damage, or your roof shingles are coming off, we are here to answer your questions and provide the right guidance for your roof repair. Our team of roofing professionals is experienced with all types of roofing systems, including algae resistant asphalt, architectural shingles, tile, slate, metal, and flat roofs. At DFW Best Roofing, our services meet the Texas Building Code, one of the toughest and most extensive to be found anywhere. We're so sure about our superior service that we'll come out and inspect your home, provide a recommendation and estimate the cost, with no obligation.
DFW Best Roofing offers a full line of residential roofing services including shingles, tile and various solar roofing components and products. Our select group of roofing specialists have years of experience and are experts when it comes to roof repair and roof replacement. You will never have to be concerned whether or not you are doing business with a reputable company. With our established network, you are guaranteed to get a roofer that is properly insured to do business in the state of Texas.

May Pearl CertainTeed Roofing GAF
May Pearl CertainTeed Roofing GAF

Residential Shingles– Offering an array of 3-tab, architectural, designer to protecting your home with impact resistant shingles that can qualify for a reduction in insurance premiums.

Tile Roofing– Enjoy the Old World appeal and durability tile roofs have to offer. From Terracotta clay to concrete barrel tile, we have residential and commercial contractors specializing every aspect of this type of roofing system with a variety of colors to choose from.

Residential Solar Roofing– If you are looking for long term energy efficiency for your home we have experienced and trained residential contractors specializing in solar installations.

Residential Siding – Roofing isn't the only the our roofers are certified to do. Enhance your home with low maintenance vinyl siding or the durable James Hardie products to give your home a makeover.

Residential Gutters – If you live in Taxes then gutters are essential in managing proper drainage around your home. Find out more about your options today.

Roof Repair – Our roofers specialize in all types of roof leak repairs. Tile, metal or shingles…no problem, our specialists can handle virtually any type of roofing repair!

Roof Replacement – Offering complete roof replacement, you can trust our contractors to restore your roof with better materials at affordable prices..

Flat Roof Replacement in May Pearl

Residential roofing may pearl
Residential roofing may pearl

Resources For Selecting Your Architectural Roofing Shingles

Our company provides various tools and valuable resources that will assist you in choosing the best roofing replacement system that will fit your budget and suit your needs. Click on the link below to use the tool that will help you visualize what your new roof will look like:

GAF Roofing Virtual Home Remodeler

Laminated asphalt roof shingles are the most common and practical choice for most homeowners because of the clean, aesthetically pleasing look they offer and the affordable price tag. Dimensional products are easily adaptable and versatile to various types of roof applications.

Why Residential Roofing Companies Recommend Using Higher Quality Shingles

Pink Panther

In certain situations, roofers can install shingles over existing roofing materials. Good quality residential roof materials are durable enough that you can walk on them without causing significant damage to the material and are require very little maintenance. Some brands even offer class 4 impact resistant shingles that can help you get a significant reduction in your homeowner's insurance premiums. Wind and hail can wreak havoc on your roof and once the damage is done your manufacturer's warranty will be void. However, these shingles offer great resistance to both wind and hail for a nominal extra cost, which is why many roofing companies offer them as an optional upgrade. Contact one of our roofing specialists for more details.

Roof repair may pearl tx
May Pearl Roofing TX

  • Metal Roofing – Commercial metal roofs offer durable long term protection with an aesthetic appeal.  They consist of overlapping vertical panels that are generally screwed into the substrate or decking.
  • Flat Roofing – The two main types of flat roofing consist of modified bitumen and single ply such as TPO, PVC and EPDM.
  • Liquid Rubber Roofing – EPDM liquid rubber offers the benefits of having no visible seams while fully sealing all roof penetrations and attached machinery such as HVAC units.
  • Roof Coating Systems – For materials that have high emissivity such as metal, commercial roof coatings are an excellent energy efficient solution for reducing heating and cooling costs without going through the expense of a full roof replacement.
  • Polyurethane Foam Roofing – If adding insulation is part of your scope of work, our companies offer polyurethane foam roofing that will give you the best value for your dollar. Benefits include: creates a watertight seal, light weight material, tax incentives through the State of Texas. 

roofing may pearl
Roof repair may pearl

High quality dimensional shingles will typically have a lifespan of around twenty-five to thirty years and are installed by our certified and fully licensed residential roofing contractors here in DFW - TX; Providing you with an exceptional level of workmanship, quality and professionalism you can trust!

If you are looking for that Rustic Old World appeal, then both concrete and clay roofing tile are great options for Orlando Florida homeowners. Tile roofs are durable, long-lasting roofing systems that are low maintenance and our network roofing companies offer them in several different style and profiles:

Barrel Tile – A half round tile commonly called Redland Clay.
Clay Tile – Offered in many different profiles and colors. Terracotta clay being one of the most popular.
Spanish Mission
Southwestern – A color blended S-tile
Slate Tile – A European tile made of natural stone, often comes in black or dark grey.
Concrete Tiles

Lightweight Synthetic Tile Roofing

Historically, tile roofs were made of clay. However, with the advancement of modern technology, roofing contractors can install lightweight composite tile roofing materials which are now available. These newer lightweight products, including metal tiles, allow roofers to install them over existing roofs in certain parts of the country.

Eco Friendly Tile Roofs

Want to help do your part in protecting the environment? Our contractors have a solution for you! BoralPure is a smog eating tile made of concrete that helps mitigate air pollution. Claiming that an average 2000 square foot roof can reduce the same amount of nitrogen oxide that a single care driving between 10,000-11,000 miles produces! The tiles are manufactured with a catalyst that is impregnated into the top layer of the roof tile. This catalyst causes an oxidation effect when exposed to sunlight, thus reducing the nitrogen oxide (byproduct produced from cars) in the air.

Tile roof installation requires a certain level of experience and skill, without either it can present a difficult challenge for the average person. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hire a professional DFW roofing contractor that specializes in these complex roofing systems. With DFW Best Roofing has over 10 years of experience, you can trust our residential roof contractors to replace or repair your tile roof on time and on budget!

By implementing and installing solar roofing panels, residential homeowners in DFW Texas can literally eliminate their monthly electric costs and from the very first day, begin to save their hard earned money. Thanks to their unique design, high efficiency residential solar panel systems not only blend into your existing roof really well, they continue to store energy for you day in and day out…which equals increased savings the longer you have them up on the roof!

With DFW Best Roofing, you will have the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that our licensed and specially trained Orlando roofing contractors will be able to professionally install every aspect of your new residential solar roofing system. Rest assured, from the design phase, the permitting process, financing, to ensuring you qualify for the appropriate energy tax credits and rebates, you will be put in the hands of the industry's best solar companies. Along with outstanding warranty protection you can be sure the investment in your solar roofing system will protected for years to come.

Types of Residential Solar Systems

Residential Solar Panels – The original in its industry, solar panels have been around for years. They have carried a lot of negativity with them due the high cost, unpleasing appeal and oftentimes difficult to install from a logistical standpoint. With the evolution of solar shingles, the good new is they have come down in price over the years and are becoming more affordable.
Residential Solar Shingles – First introduced commercially in 2005, solar shingles are quickly evolving and becoming the top choice for home roofing. Made of photovoltaic cells, they offer a sleek low-profile making them blend in with the roof and tax subsidized making them even more appealing to home owners. Color options are also now available!

Residential Solar Roof Tiles – Using the same concept as their photovoltaic shingle counterpart, solar roof tiles are now available for those looking to save energy while seamlessly blending in with their concrete or clay tile roof!

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of solar tiles and shingles, the installation process is not as invasive as installing solar panels. Solar panels require roofers to use rather large bolts leading to the eventual roof leak. While solar shingles and tiles interlock together for quicker installation.

At DFW Best Roofing, our contractors are trained and experienced in all types of solar installation. Contact our company today for a free evaluation and estimate!

Seamless Gutter Repair & Installation

Gutters provide protection for both residential homes and commercial businesses by directing water away from a building, allowing proper drainage and reducing erosion around the foundation. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't think about gutter installation until they see signs of inadequate drainage or erosion. Because of the amount of rain we receive in Texas, it has become almost imperative to have gutters installed on every home or business. It is a critical component of proper roof drainage and can prevent many problems from arising over the years of owning a home.

When gutters are not in place, water begins to form ditches around a building and the foundation. This inevitably results in damage to landscaping, leaking foundations, sidewalk and driveway damage as well as standing water around your home. At DFW Best Roofing, we offer an vast line of residential gutter products and other accessories that are available in a array of colors and styles.

Our residential roofing companies can install seamless rain gutters available up to 6 inches in size. Commercial buildings oftentimes require the need for draining more volume of water. We offer commercial grade products such as custom formed 20 ga. stainless steel box gutters and downspouts. Remember, at DFW Best Roofing, no project is too small or too big – with one phone call we can do it all!

Roof Repair May Pearl

Do you have missing shingles?  Do you have a leak on your roof?  Do you need to get your roof repaired?  Well, give us a call at 817 381 6855.

Hailstorms can attack instantaneously in Maypearl, TX!  And when your roof suffers hail damage  you will need responsible hail damage pros to service your roof!  DFW Best Roofing has been servicing hail damaged roofs for many years in Maypearl, TX and has the hail damage know-how, hail damage experience and hail damage equipment to get your hail damaged roof in Maypearl, TX fixed efficiently!  Trust   DFW Best Roofing to get your hail damaged roof repaired today!

  DFW Best Roofing understands that unrepaired hail damage can leave your home in Maypearl, TX prone to even more damage!  Your home’s roof in Maypearl, TX is your home’s first line of defense against the elements!  Hail Damage can leave your home open to additional and more costly water damage.  As water seeps in through hail damaged areas it can get in your home in Maypearl, TX and cause havoc within!  DO NOT leave hail damage untreated!  Your house is your castle and hail damage leaves it vulnerable!  Call  DFW Best Roofing  of Maypearl, TX today!

Don’t let a small hail damage repair morph into a costly and expensive water damage and mold clean up!  Call  DFW Best Roofing  of Maypearl, TX today.