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Lewisville Roofing
Lewisville Roofing

  • Residential & commercial services
  • Regular & emergency roof repair
  • All roofing types, including shingle, shake, metal, and tile
  • 5 - 7 year contractor warranty
  • Insured
  • Fair, detailed price quote up-front
  • No temporary contractors under ordinary circumstances
  • Top-notch work, carefully post-inspected for any flaw


A roof is much more than simply a coating for the top of your home. It's a complete system, with parts like roofing underlayment, flashing, and ventilation all working together to make your house dry, safe, and energy-efficient. That's why, when you need a new roof, it's important to hire lifelong roofing professionals who understand all the components of a roofing system, not just some guys who know how to nail up shingles.

Lewisville Roofing Company
Lewisville Roofing Company

Permanent full-time roofing experts

Except in area-wide emergency situations, when we sometimes employ carefully chosen subcontractors, everyone one our roofing crew is well-trained and accountable to our management.

5-year warranty

We are so confident in our workmanship and in the stability of our company that we warrantee every residential roof we do for five years. If shingles come off or the roof leaks in that period of time due to a flaw (rather than outside forces such as hail) we will fix it promptly and free.

Rigorous post-inspection

We believe in doing things the right way the first time, but that doesn't mean we don't cross-check our work. Every job is inspected on completion by an eagle-eyed roofing supervisor, and any flaws are immediately corrected.

All roofing types

Our roofing technicians are experts in shingles, shakes, metal, tile, and slate. Residential or commercial, steep or low-slope, we can handle any roofing job.

Quick turnaround

In most cases, we can have your new roof on within just one or two good-weather days of the work order being placed.


Large or small, call DFW Best Roofing

DFW Best Roofing will handle any job all the way down to a leaking carport, but we're also capable and equipped for the largest commercial jobs. 

Commercial roof maintenance

Commercial roofs are generally higher-maintenance than their residential counterparts. This is due, in part, to their size and structure. A commercial roof is usually flat or low-slope, which increases vulnerability to leaks - as do the many inlets and outlets found on the roof of a commercial building. Problems are exacerbated by the heavy foot traffic to which a business roof is subjected, with maintenance and repair people walking over it on a regular basis to access things like the air conditioning system. Even if these folks are as careful as they can be, the fact is that foot traffic has a wearing effect on any roof, and increases the need for maintenance.

Additionally, due to the way tax deductions work, it is often economical to keep fixing a commercial roof long after a residential one would have passed the point of diminishing returns and require complete replacement.

Our commercial roof maintenance plans

No matter the size or type of your roof, DFW Best Roofing can partner with you to keep it in great shape. Call us today and ask about our commercial roof maintenance plans. You'll find that our rates are competitive and the quality of our work is second to none.


Expert repair on all types of roofing

Many of our roofing technicians have decades of experience behind them. They've fixed pretty much every kind of problem that can happen to every kind of roof there is. Whether you've got shingles, tiles, shakes, slate, or metal over your head; steep slope, low slope, or no slope; none of it holds any surprises for us. Leaks, wrinkles, hail damage, dry rot, mold - we've seen it all, and we can deal with it quickly, effectively, and professionally.


Three-Tab Shingles

Basic protection in a standard 25-year shingle. Colors and more info on gaf.com.


The visual appeal of shakes with the all the benefits of GAF shingles. Colors and more info on gaf.com.

Grand Sequoia

A step up from architectural shingles, GAF's Grand Sequoia arguably looks even better than real shakes. Colors and more info on gaf.com.


GAF's top-of-the-line shingle features a striking multi-layered look for maximum curb appeal. Colors and more info on gaf.com.


It's often said that the extended warranties hawked by electronics and appliance stores are usually not a good deal. While this may be true, it definitely does not apply to roofing. A typical built-in warranty on roofing supplies is prorated, meaning that after the first few years it's pretty much meaningless - regardless of how many decades are listed on the package. The "real" warranty is the "extended" warranty, and it's almost always a good idea to invest in this area when purchasing any kind of building materials, particularly roofing supplies.


Visual appeal

Rugged but chic, and suggestive of an old-world cottage, shake roofing just looksgood. It may not be for everybody, but there's no doubt that a natural cedar roof can make a huge contribution to the look and character of your home.

Environmental benefits

When a roof is replaced - as all roofs must be, sooner or later - something has to be done with the "tearoff," that is, the old roofing material. Recycling methods for asphalt and other materials have improved, but the only way to make 100% sure that your old roof doesn't end up cluttering a landfill for centuries is to use bio-degradable material. Being made of organic cedar, shakes fit this requirement perfectly.

Insulating properties

Unlike roofing materials such as metal and shingles, which contribute virtually nothing to insulation, shakes have insulating benefits of their own to add to the mix. This doesn't mean you can skip the other components of a good insulating system, but a shake roof definitely has the potential to give your house an edge in energy consumption.

Durability and stiffness

Shakes are naturally more impact-resistant, i.e. resistant to hail, than most shingles. This might mean a substantial discount on your homeowner's insurance. Additionally, shakes won't wrinkle like shingles if the felt underlayment gets wet, because the roofing material is simply too stiff.


By their very nature, shakes are more flammable than other types of roofing. This hazard can be reduced with the addition of a flame-retardant coating, but a shake roof will never be as fire-safe as shingles or metal.

Since a shake roof brings a piece of the organic world into the structure of your home, it also tends to attract bugs, usually pests such as silverfish and spiders. The antidote to this problem can be as simple as a box of glue traps, but it's worth noting before deciding on a shake roof that you may have to deal with some additional insect issues.



We often hear that a metal roof will "last 50 years," and this is fairly accurate for a well-built "standing seam" metal roof. A less-expensive "ag style" metal roof typically carries a 30-year paint and finish warranty only - no wind guarantee - and lasts about 10 years in the real world. Still, an ag style roof is sometimes an appropriate choice for its intended application - barns and storage buildings. For your home, we recommend a high quality standing seam or concealed fastener system. Properly installed, a good quality metal roof can last up to 50 years or even longer, several times the useful life of asphalt.

Decra Lewisville
Decra Lewisville

Aesthetic appeal

The term "metal roof" calls to mind images of the long, shiny metal slats we often see on commercial buildings. Modern residential metal roofing, however, is much more flexible in appearance. Today's metal roofing technologies such as Decra steel shingles (shown above) can be made to look like virtually any other kind of roofing - shingles, shakes, tiles, slate - and finished in almost any color you could possibly want. If appearance is a primary concern when planning your roof, metal is an excellent choice.

Environmental benefits

Metal roofing is somewhat more energy efficient than other roofing types, due to the fact that light colors are available. Unlike a dark-colored roof, which absorbs solar heat into your attic, a light colored metal roof tends to reflect more of that heat back into the atmosphere, causing your air conditioning to run a bit less in the summer. While significant, this benefit alone is not enough to be the sole deciding factor, especially if a light colored roof does not complement the exterior of your house.

The best metal roofs last 50 years or more, a period of time in which a shingle roof, for instance, would have to be completely replaced at least two or three times. The tear-off from such replacements often finds its way to landfills; hence, metal helps the environment by reducing waste material

Cost of Metal Roofing

Due to the relatively higher price of materials, a metal roof will likely cost more than a shingle roof over its lifetime, but not as much as tile or slate. In our opinion, metal is not usually the right choice when financial investment is the primary consideration; it is normally for discerning customers who place a high value on aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits.


Metal roofing is usually classified as "water shedding" rather than "waterproof." This difference in terms doesn't mean that your metal roof will leak - it simply means that additional underlayment is generally required to a achieve a complete weather seal. In addition, metal roof systems such as Decra work best on higher-pitch installations.


Standard Concrete

Standard concrete tiles are among the sturdiest roofing systems, resisting hail better than almost anything else; consequently, they are very heavy - so heavy that a structure generally has to be designed with concrete tile roofing in mind to bear the weight. In some areas, the insurance savings incurred are well worth the extra building costs.

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete tiles offer the benefits of concrete without the massive load, weighing just about half as much as standard concrete. For this reason, lightweight concrete roofing can often be used on pre-existing structures which would otherwise literally collapse under the weight. Lightweight concrete tiles are more expensive than standard ones.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofing is typically found on older homes, with many decades-old structures still carrying the original tile roof. Clay is better looking, more impact resistent, and lighter weight than concrete, but also costs much more than other types of tile roofing. It is generally not a popular choice for new installations due to this expense factor.

The bottom line

Tile roofing is a good choice for those who seek a truly unique look, or in situations where hail resistance is a paramount consideration.

Lewisville Tile Roofing
Tile Roofing Lewisville


Slate might accurately be termed the "king of roofing systems." It is durable, resisting hail better than almost anything else. It is long-lasting, with slate roofs in some areas of the world remaining serviceable for literally hundreds of years. It is also beautiful; regardless of one's taste in roofing, few would dispute that a good slate roof simply looks fantastic.

Real slate

Real slate, which is quarried out of the ground just like any other mineral, has been used as a roofing material for centuries. The main drawback to real slate is its price tag: a roof made out of it will often cost as much to build as the rest of the house. Also, the life of real slate can be shortened by volatile climate conditions. A freeze/thaw cycle like that of the Ozarks can wreck a slate roof in a fraction of its normal lifespan.

Synthetic slate

In recent years, manufacturers have developed synthetic slate, which has all the advantages of the real thing at a much lower cost. Synthetic slate is also less vulnerable to the freeze/thaw effects of a volatile climate. For a beautiful roof that can withstand the elements and last a lifetime, synthetic slate is hard to match.

Impact resistance

Considered by some to be almost indestructible, both real and synthetic slate carry a Class 4 impact rating on the IBHS/UL scale - the highest possible for a roofing material. Since hail damage is one of the primary causes for premature roof replacement, this rating equates to much lower insurance premiums in many areas; see your agent.