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The roof repair, replacement or installation of your roofing system or exterior design deserves to be completed by a professional contractor with experience and proven results. At DFW Best Roofing you'll get exactly that. Our professional roofers who were awarded the Houzz 2015 customer care reward (Click here to see), our roofers are expert field consultants who go above and beyond to provide customers with exemplary services. This is because when you call us you will talk to a roofer not a salesperson.  

From free estimates, to no-obligation discussions, to low cost affordable rates for your project, the DFW Best Roofing team does everything possible to make your experience with the company as satisfactory as possible. Our steadfast belief in providing quality workmanship in an efficient manner has allowed us to expedite the repairs and installations of many projects throughout Texas, and we are prepared to do the same for you.

At DFW Best Roofing our mission is to provide clients with nothing short of the very best. This requires the delivery of reliable services, dependable results and reasonable prices - all of which are core aspects of our business's operation. Our contractors work together to implement solutions that fit the customized needs of each of our customers, ensuring that you can be satisfied with the work we do for your roof, the siding of their home, or the exterior of your building.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At DFW Best Roofin we feel strongly about delivering safe and satisfactory products. As such, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the end results of their contracting projects, and we encourage people to tell us if something seems wrong - before, during, or after the completion of your project. Although we never anticipate problems, we are more than willing to accommodate the questions and concerns of our customers, particularly as they pertain to the quality of our work.

The DFW Best Roofing team is comprised of roofing specialists and consultants who are real world roofers and  dedicated to working with customers toward the improvement of their home or business. Together, we will create a professional environment that fosters development, suggestions, and overall satisfaction between the customer and our business. Our every effort is made with you in mind, so we urge our customers to speak up and express any wants, needs, or concerns that they may be having. By doing so, we can ensure that our services are aligned with the specific intentions that you have for your project.

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Beginning a construction project can be overwhelming, even stressful. At DFW Best Roofing, however, this does not have to be the case.  Our full range of services are provided by honest workers who deliver reliable results. Don't wait to contact us today to learn more! 


Our affordable plans have an 80% qualification rate. At DFW Best Roofing, we know that everyone's financial needs are different. That's why we offer a variety of reasonably-priced payment plans to suit your unique budget. We offer plans to fit virtually any credit score or other terms.  Most applications are immediately approved. DFW Best Roofing wants to make sure that you receive the home improvement that you need, for a price that you can afford.

Haltom City Roofing
roofing haltom city
Roofing in Haltom City
Haltom City Roofing

DFW Best Roofing can provide a free roofing quote for any existing home or building by sending a qualified estimator to the home to measure the roof and collect the information to provide the best replacement options. The office staff will want to gather information from the owners so that they can provide recommendations for the new roof. The areas wind zone, roof warranties and aesthetics are all considered to provide the best price and new roof.

Residential Roofing in Haltom City
Haltom City Roofing Residential

DFW Best Roofing crews are trained installers with year round employment, and remain drug free. You can expect quality from their workmanship. DFW Best Roofing’s crews are clean and professional. They take care of your home and will do an excellent job in determining the best method for repairing your roof system.

Commercial Roofing in Haltom City
Commercial Roofing Haltom City

Our commercial roofing crews will complete your project quickly to avoid inconveniencing your business. Meeting your specific needs is our priority and we guarantee satisfaction.  We do all types or roofing...TPO, single, double, and triple ply, metal, shingles, tile, etc.  We do all types of roofing.

roofing wind damage in Haltom City
Wind damage roofing Haltom City

Wind Damage

After a wind storm, you may notice split seams, torn or missing shingles or shingles on the ground around your property. This can result in leaking and serious water damage, which can lead to mold formation and wood rot, which can then compromise the structural integrity of your roof. In severe wind storms, it is common for shingles or sections of the roof to be missing altogether. If a tree limb or other debris has fallen onto your roof during the storm, you may have structural damage, and will want to exercise extreme caution.

To prepare your home for high winds, it is always a good idea to trim tree branches away from the roof and large windows, as fallen limbs and broken tree branches can do a substantial amount of damage to your roof, windows and exterior. Repairing wind damage quickly is the best solution for wind damage even if you are not prepared to upgrade the roof. It is also important to consider the wind warranty of the roof system when replacing the roof.

Roof Leaks
Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

DFW Best  Roofing provides free roof repair estimates and can generally determine the cause of the roof leak. Our inspector will let you know if the roof is extremely old or beyond repair and in need of replacement.

Roof leaks present multiple challenges for homeowners. They never occur at a time which is convenient and they can lead to significant damage to the interior of your home. Their effects can be much worse than the drywall or paint repairs and may have caused damage to the insulation or mold growth on the interior surfaces of your home.

Locating the source of a roof leak is not an exact science. It is a process of elimination due to the fact that a roof leak may have several contributing factors. It may not always be the direct result of one specific problem associated with your roof. It is recommended that the homeowner attempt to rule out other causes for leaks before calling a roofing contractor. These causes may include: Plumbing leaks, Air conditioning leaks, Condensation, Pest infestation, Glaciation. If it is not raining and it looks like your roof is leaking it is most likely not an issue with the roof.


New shingles and ice and water shield underlayment do not prevent ice build-up or condensation. Ridge vent is additional out-venting that is commonly installed with a new roof system and can help alleviate some heat and moisture within the attic area. Intake vents at the eves or soffits should be clear to work properly with the ridge vent system.

Roof contractors, as well as manufacturers of steep slope and low slope materials, do not cover warranty damages due to condensation or glaciation. When building a new home, generally the architect or builder’s warranty should cover most condensation and glaciation issues. If an owner does not have a new home warranty, they may need to contract a roofing company, an insulator and a building performance specialist. In some cases, an engineer may be required to create a plan that alters the current design of the attic area.