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roof financing for corrugated roofing
Corrugated Roofing financing

Ever since the mid 1800s, corrugated steel panels have been used extensively on agricultural, commercial, and industrial roofs. You might remember the old barns and farm houses covered with those “ugly” U-shaped or ribbed steel panels. Many of those agricultural and industrial steel roofs would often have numerous rust spots and peeling paint as their signature mark.

In those early days, corrugated metal panels were typically made from bare, non-coated steel, which resulted in excessive corrosion, and hence bad reputation and perception of low quality. Nonetheless, steel was cheap and abundant material, which made it economically feasible to replace any old, corroded steel panels on an “as and when needed” basis. Such were the expectations and process at the time.

corrugated roof
corrugated roof

But what about today? Lets take a deeper look into what modern-day corrugated metal roofs are all about and whether or not they are suitable for residential applications.

Modern, corrugated metal roofing panels are primarily made out of galvanized steel (G-60 low-end, or G-90 better quality) in the form of U, V, R 5 V crimp and rib-shaped panels. Typically, they are employed as metal roof or wall system comprised of 32 to 36 inches wide corrugated panels held in place by exposed screws / fasteners color-matched to the paint color of the metal panels. Caulking is used at connecting points of overlap in between the panels for water tightness.

Various Metals, Affordability, and Maintenance Requirements

Corrugated metal panels can also be made from galvanized, galvalume, stainless steel, and aluminum. Normally, a corrugated metal panel does not have a lot of thickness in terms of metal grade, which makes it quite economical and hence affordable, but it may well require some maintenance every once in a while, including the exposed fasteners re-tightening and potential re-coating applications.

corrugated roofing repai
corrugated roofing repair

Corrosion Resistance & Panel Thickness

Modern corrugated metal panels offer superior corrosion-resistance, energy efficiency, and can provide an economical roofing and cladding solution for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and even residential uses. Corrugated metal panels are usually made from thin-gauge steel, usually a 29, or 26 gauge steel, which makes it economical and practical, when it comes to covering large areas of roofing surfaces. Corrugated metal roofs are more practical and longer lasting than asphalt shingle roofs, and they cost much less than standing seam or metal shingles.

corrugated roof installation
corrugated roof installation

Materials Available

Corrugated roofing panels can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel (G-60, or G-90 steel),
galvalume coated steel, and stainless steel. When going for a long lasting economical solution, galvalume steel provides an optimal combination of cost effectiveness and material longevity and reliability. When coated with a Kynar coating, corrugated roofing can provide significant energy savings and qualify for LEED building credits, issued by US green building council.


R panels

In commercial, agricultural, industrial, and some residential metal roofing and wall panel material selection process, corrugated panels are a real contender to be a system of choice based on two important factors; it’s rather inexpensive, fairly long-lasting and energy efficient roofing and siding alternative for the building envelope.

Corrugated steel panel presented above is LEED certified, inexpensive roofing solution for commercial and industrial uses. It is light weight, provides solar reflectivity, and good thermal emmitance, which will help keep the building cool. The downside of using corrugated roofing systems such as 5 v crimp, R panels, and U panels, is that all corrugated roofing systems come with exposed fasteners. Standing seam, on the other hand comes with concealed roof fasteners, which offers higher degree of weather and water tightness, but standing seam a is significantly pricier option.

r panel u panel
r panel u panel

As you can see in a diagram above, 36 inch R panels are installed using a 4 inch overlap at a 32 inch mark. The exposed fasteners (usually galvanized steel screws color-matched to the panel, and combined with special rubber washers for water-tightness are required) are installed 12 inches on center, and then with 16 inches on center, creating a 12 and 16 inches overlap. The use of caulk at the panel connecting points is required as well, which sort of complicates the installation process, and reliance on caulk shows a major design flow of corrugated steel roofing system.

System Design Improvements

Over the years corrugated roofing systems have benefited from many aesthetic and “roof integrity” system specific improvements, which now makes it a considerable alternative to conventional asphalt shingle roofs that go into landfills after 15 years of service. Although metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingle, corrugated roofing is quite affordable compared to standing seam. There are now, many corrugated roofing systems that can be used for home re-roofing projects. However, keep in mind, that metal roofing systems with exposed fasteners may require re-tightening some every 10 years or so. Also, should you decide to invest in a corrugated roofing system, I recommend that you go with aluminum, or galvalume steel corrugated roof system coated with Kynar 500 coating, not the cheap acrylic paint finish, which will fade quickly.

Exposed fastener metal roofing for residential homes

For instance, many companies such as Fabral and McElroy Metal provides an affordable alternative with exposed fasteners that can be used on residential homes.

5 v crimp panel installation
5 v crimp panel installation

The panel presented above, is V – 5 crimp panel, with exposed fasteners. It can actually be used for residential roof projects. V 5 Crimp roofing panel, and its installation (materials and labor) is rather affordable when compared to traditional residential roofing systems.

aking into account that a galvanized roof won't rust, and that a corrugated aluminum roof or corrugated steel roof will last for up to 100 years, there are not many downsides to owning this type of roofing.

Other benefits include resistance to rotand lack of vulnerability to insectssuch as termites. Most of these roofs are also treated with chemicals that prevent the growth of algae. In communities that are prone to wildfires, metal roots can provide a safe haven because of their noncombustible properties and Class A fire ratings.

Finally, their lightweight nature lightens the load on installation and underlying building structures. All of these properties lend themselves to the idea that corrugated metal roofing is as close to a perfect roofing material as there is. The value that comes with the durability, and the flexibility that comes with the ability to change its color and appearance, along with the quality that comes with all of its additional desirable properties, makes corrugated roofing one of the best values for your money.

The biggest downside to corrugated roofing before the advance of galvanized technology was the rust. Many homeowners and commercial building owners can't be blamed for thinking this, because in older buildings that used corrugated roofing, the rust can easily be seen. However, as mentioned earlier, manufacturers have used current technology to get rid of rust and corrosion problems, thus increasing the demand for the product. Now, the modern corrugated roofing sheets not only have rust resistant properties, but appeal to the aesthetic look that builders and owners are looking for.

There are, however, a few issues that you might want to be aware of. Denting in the corrugated sheet metal is an issue which is hard to stay away from. Besides the occasional bumping and bruising, hailstorms have been known to cause dents in corrugated metal roofs.

The expense of installation, while offset by the low cost of maintenance work required, is also a barrier for some people looking into corrugated metal roofing. If you are not convinced that noise is a nonissue, you can always make sure that a layer of insulation lies underneath the metal sheet during installation. Like all roofs, time will produce scratches and chipping. If a layer of paint is applied on top of the metal,peeling and fading may also occur over time.

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