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Copper Roofing 

Copper Roofing
Copper Roofing

Copper is without question one of the best of all premium roofing products. It has been in use for thousands of years. It's continually changing beauty over time has long been a favorite to those lucky enough to live under a copper roof. Future Roof® offers 12 oz., 16 oz. and 20 oz. copper in all their profiles whether you choose Tile, Shingle, Slate, Shake or Standing Seam.
A copper roof is virtually maintenance free.

copper roofing  

Can be used next to a body of salt water.

Has outstanding wind resistance, and earthquake resistance.

Although metal roofing has been around for years in commercial usage, it wasn't highly viewed as appealing in residential usage. However, within the last 10 to 20 years there has been an increase in the use of metal as a viable material in residential roofing. There is an exception, as copper has been used as a roofing material over the centuries.

Copper roofing repairs  

Copper's resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of classical and modern roofing materials. Copper roofing offers character and durability that no other metal roof can offer. Unlike other metals the ductility and malleability of copper make it easy to form over roofing structures. If allowed to weather copper can take on a beautiful green patina finish which can compliment a structure. If desired, there are a number of methods available to retard the weathering process so as to keep the warm bronze tones that copper inherently possesses. Copper roofing requires no paint or special finish to protect it. It's resistance to the elements ranks highest among modern roofing materials. When compared to wood or asphalt shingle roofs, copper roofs are economical. They have low maintenance, high salvage value, and longevity. A shingled roof system will warrant replacement in 20 to 30 years, however, a copper roof will need to be replaced in 40 to 60 years.

Copper roofing repairs  

Copper roofing is installed in sheets usually limited to a width of 2 to 3 feet. These sheets can be preformed or formed in the field into pans. Pans are usually up to 10 feet long. Roofs that are using pans longer than 10 feet should be designed to accommodate the additional movement of these pans. These copper pans will rest on 4lb. rosin-sized smooth building papers. 30lb. underlayment of saturated roofing felt is typically used. Roofing specialists may substitute other materials but only under the manufacturers direction. It is important that a sheet of building paper be applied over the felt. As copper has a tendency to conduct heat and elevated temperatures can cause asphalt underlayment to bond the copper roof to the deck.

copper roof installation  

We have the craftsmen with over 20 years experience that work on standing seam, flat lock copper pans, copper flashing, or copper gutters.

Our copper lock shingles are made from 12 oz. or 16 oz. pure copper coils that interlock.

Commercial and Residential Copper Lock Shingles

We pride ourselves on our Residential Copper Lock Roofs. Above All – A Permanent Roof

Copper Lock Shingles that lock on all 4 sides at very competitive prices.

Not only will you get a very distinguished look to your home, but our copper lock shingles are functional and practical as well. Since each shingle is nailed down, as well as interlocked on all 4 sides, our copper shingles are both more windproof and waterproof than other brands of copper shingles that only lock on the top and the bottom.


Our Copper lock shingles can be walked on! The low profile design prevents crushing from snow or foot traffic. Copper lock shingles are a great choice because they are low-maintenance, high quality. Year after year, you will enjoy an attractive, lifetime roof. Unsurpassed in durability, beauty and value, copper is the only roofing material that actually improves with age. This ‘aging' or patina process, not only enhances in appearance, it also protects the metal from further oxidation. 

The Copper Shingle is the only true individual, four-way interlocking, solid (99.96%) copper shingle manufactured today. Each Copper Shingle is individually produced and inspected guaranteeing the exact standards for which copper roofing has become known.


Unlike tile and slate, copper does not require structural reinforcement

Unlike steel, copper will not suffer from red-rust
Unlike coated metals, copper will not chalk or fade
Unlike wood, copper will not split, crack, or experience dry-rot
Unlike composition or asphalt, copper will not curl, dry out, lift or play host to mildew, moss or fungus

What copper will do is last and protect…for centuries

DFW Best Roofing bring copper roofing to the next level that combines all of the natural and desirable qualities of copper into an attractive and affordable roofing shingle. For existing structures, a copper roof can provide a complete take-off of materials needed through satellite technology. For new construction, architectural drawings may be sent to our offices. Questions during installation? Trained DFW Best roofing personnel are available to help during normal business hours with any and all questions. With over 40 years of experience, DFW Best Roofing has the expertise to advise on almost any metal roofing project, from a small shed to large, complicated commercial applications.

Copper roof contractor  

The legendary richness, the unparalleled quality, and the understated beauty which only Copper shingles possess is now affordable, and incredibly convenient.

Solid copper shingle roof that comes in a box, complete and ready to apply!
Unlike pre-fabricated sheet roofs, there's no guess work, no waiting for delivery and it fits every time. Unlike on-site fabricated sheet roofs, its design is rich and warm, and compliments every style of architecture.

And the cost is only one-third of any other copper bay window roof!
The Copper Window Roof Kit is as easy to install as it is beautiful. All the material required is provided...solid copper shingles, trim, counter flashings, even the nails are included in the kit!

Easy-to-follow instructions make installation a snap. And no metal experience is required here! The only tools needed are a hammer and a pair of snips. A standard bay roof can be installed in less than four hours!

The Copper Window Roof Kit comes in two standard sizes, six foot bay and eight foot bay. It is also available for custom-sized bay and bow windows. 

Copper Roofing Installation Services  

Custom Made Durable Prefabricated Copper and Steel Roofing Materials

Affordable Copper Roofing specializes in custom made, durable, prefabricated, ready to install products. Our products ship nationwide from our primary location in southeastern Pennsylvania. We offer flexible affordable prices for high quality material and customized design. 

Copper offers a unique character and durability as a roofing material. Its appearance can complement any style of building, from traditional to modern. Its warmth and beauty make it a desirable material for many architects. Copper also satisfies demands of architects and building owners regarding lifetime cost, ease of fabrication, low maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Copper Roofing Construction Services  

New copper roof installation.

Copper Roof Repairs 
The installation of copper roofing is a craft requiring experienced installers. Its ductility and malleability make it a compatible material to form over irregular roof structures. It is easy to hammer or work into watertight designs without caulk or gaskets.[88] Domes and other curved roof shapes are readily handled with copper.

When properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Tests on European copper roofs from the 18th century showed that, in theory, copper roofs can last one thousand years.

Another advantage of copper roofing systems is that they are relatively easy to repair. For small pits or cracks, affected areas can be cleaned and filled with solder. For larger areas, patches can be cut and soldered into place. For major areas, the affected copper can be cut out and replaced using a flat locked soldered seam.

Copper roofs can be designed to meet or surpass other materials in terms of energy savings. A vented copper roof assembly at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (U.S.) substantially reduced heat gain versus stone-coated steel shingle (SR246E90) or asphalt shingle (SR093E89), resulting in lower energy costs.

Types of copper roofs include:

Standing seam roofing is composed of preformed or field-formed pans. The pans run parallel to the slope of the roof and are joined to adjacent pans with double-locked standing seams. Copper cleats locked into these seams secure the roofing to the deck.

Batten seam roofing consists of copper pans running parallel to the roof slope, separated by wood battens. Battens are covered with copper caps that are loose-locked into adjacent pans to help to secure the roofing. Cleats attached to the battens secure the roofing pans. Transverse seams are required to join ends of preformed pans.

Horizontal seam roofs, also called the Bermuda style, consist of copper pans where the long dimension runs horizontally across a roof, attached to horizontal wood nailers. A step is used at each nailer to allow adjacent pans to lock effectively. The height and spacing of the steps enable different appearances.

A common design for a chevron roof is based on a batten seam construction to which auxiliary battens are attached. With proper design, decorative battens can have almost any shape or size and run in any direction.

Flat locked and soldered seam roofing systems are typically used on flat or low-pitched roofs. They are also used on curved surfaces such as domes and barrel vaults.

Flat seam unsoldered copper roofing is a shingle-like option for high slope applications.

Mansard roofs are used on vertical or nearly vertical surfaces. For the most part, these roofs are based on standing seam or batten seam construction.

Long-pan systems (pans and seam lengths greater than 10-feet) accommodate the cumulative expansion stress over long spans of copper sheets. These installations can be complicated due to the length of roof pan versus seam length, cleat design and spacing, and the physical expansion characteristics of copper sheets. This expansion must be accommodated by fixing the pan at one end (which accumulates the expansion at the loose end) or by fixing the center of the pan (which accumulates half of the expansion at both free ends). In addition to panels, copper roof tiles can add uniqueness to a roofing system. They can be used on any roof shape and in all types of climates.  

Copper is an excellent material for flashing because of its malleability, strength, solderability, workability, high resistance to the caustic effects of mortars and hostile environments, and long service life. This enables a roof to be built without weak points. Since flashing is expensive to replace if it fails, copper's long life is a major cost advantage.

There are many types of copper domes, spires, and vaults, both with simple geometries or complex curved surfaces and multi-faceted designs. Examples include circular domes with diagonal flat seam systems, circular domes with standing seam systems, circular domes with flat seam systems, conical spires, flat seam roofing on octagonal spires, standing seam barrel vaults, and flat seam barrel vaults. Information about steps for dome panel layouts[ and specifications for copper constructions is available.

Copper's durability and malleability have made it a popular choice for use in roofing, nailing, and waterproof seams. While its initial cost is more expensive than that of other materials, copper usually does not need to be replaced during the life of a building. As such, copper works out to be the most cost-effective material on a lifecycle-cost basis.

"Copper – man's oldest metal – is a staple of cutting-edge design, opening new avenues of design opportunity (for example with the exploration of its natural ability to eliminate germs, viruses and fungi) and improving our relationship with nature and its resources," the European group said.

Certainly, avenues for the creative and practical use of copper are likely to continue rising. Amid a global shortage of new copper mines, demand should drive junior miners to continue seeking out more opportunities.

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