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The roof repair, replacement or installation of your roofing system or exterior design deserves to be completed by a professional contractor with experience and proven results. At DFW Best Roofing you'll get exactly that. Our professional roofers who were awarded the Houzz 2015 customer care reward (Click here to see), our roofers are expert field consultants who go above and beyond to provide customers with exemplary services. This is because when you call us you will talk to a roofer not a salesperson.  

From free estimates, to no-obligation discussions, to low cost affordable rates for your project, the DFW Best Roofing team does everything possible to make your experience with the company as satisfactory as possible. Our steadfast belief in providing quality workmanship in an efficient manner has allowed us to expedite the repairs and installations of many projects throughout Texas, and we are prepared to do the same for you.

At DFW Best Roofing our mission is to provide clients with nothing short of the very best. This requires the delivery of reliable services, dependable results and reasonable prices - all of which are core aspects of our business's operation. Our contractors work together to implement solutions that fit the customized needs of each of our customers, ensuring that you can be satisfied with the work we do for your roof, the siding of their home, or the exterior of your building.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At DFW Best Roofin we feel strongly about delivering safe and satisfactory products. As such, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the end results of their contracting projects, and we encourage people to tell us if something seems wrong - before, during, or after the completion of your project. Although we never anticipate problems, we are more than willing to accommodate the questions and concerns of our customers, particularly as they pertain to the quality of our work.

The DFW Best Roofing team is comprised of roofing specialists and consultants who are real world roofers and  dedicated to working with customers toward the improvement of their home or business. Together, we will create a professional environment that fosters development, suggestions, and overall satisfaction between the customer and our business. Our every effort is made with you in mind, so we urge our customers to speak up and express any wants, needs, or concerns that they may be having. By doing so, we can ensure that our services are aligned with the specific intentions that you have for your project.

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Beginning a construction project can be overwhelming, even stressful. At DFW Best Roofing, however, this does not have to be the case.  Our full range of services are provided by honest workers who deliver reliable results. Don't wait to contact us today to learn more! 


Our affordable plans have an 80% qualification rate. At DFW Best Roofing, we know that everyone's financial needs are different. That's why we offer a variety of reasonably-priced payment plans to suit your unique budget. We offer plans to fit virtually any credit score or other terms.  Most applications are immediately approved. DFW Best Roofing wants to make sure that you receive the home improvement that you need, for a price that you can afford.

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Roofing in Cedar Hill
Cedar Hill Roofing

Do I Need a Repair or Replacement? 

If your roof is about 8 years old or older, chances are that you need a new roof due to the amount of weather related damage to your roof. Especially when you consider the weather cycles in the DFW metroplex area. You may also need a new roof even if your roof is 5 years old due to damage from wind and hail. You may not even be able to see the damage from the ground, and many homes have it for years and don't even know that it is there. Our roofers, not salespeople -- will take a full assessment of your roof and be able to provide you pictures. 

From there they can give you an honest assessment of weather you need just a repair or if you need a roof. Our roofers will give you a few options. NO matter we will beat any bid or estimate. We can also assist you in the insurance process as well. We work with insurance adjusters each and every day. We would love to show you how easy it is to get an our of pocket roof when your roof has real storm damage. If you have noticed cracked or broken shingles, stubborn leaks in your ceiling or have experienced a recent accumulation of rainwater in your attic – call DFW Best Roofing at 817 381 6855. 

You may need roofing repairs to protect your home. Catching the repairs early could be the difference between a roofing repair and a roofing replacement. Our roofing experts are trained and ready to provide an accurate, free analysis of your residential roofing needs. With almost a decade of experience diagnosing and repairing roofs in the DFW metroplex area, our primary goal is to save you money while delivering high-quality, residential roofing repairs or roof replacements. As a testament to our excellent service and expertise, DFW Best Roofing received the 2015 best customer service award from Houzz.For All Your Residential Roof Repairs,Call DFW Best Roofing at 817 381 6855

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and extend our reputable roofing repair services to new customers in our area. DFW Best Roofing is a growing family. We are honored to consider our customers a part of our family. We know your home provides an invaluable sense of security and safety to you and your family. When your home has experienced storm damage it can leave you unsettled and overwhelmed. At DFW Best Roofing, we diligently work to restore your home and your security. Our roofers are very knowledgeable and ready to discuss your claims after storm damage. 

DFW Best Roofing knows how important it is for our customers to be fully informed and to that end, we provide on-site roofers who also work as supervisors, speak English for every project to maintain customer communication and care throughout the process. Give us call today at 817 381 6855.Remember we will beat any bid or estimate of 5%.  

When you call DFW Best Roofing, you talk directly with a roofer not a sales person. So, many of our competitors are about all about sales, sales, sales. We have you talk to roofers, who give it to you straight & have actual experience when it comes to construction of a roof. They will try to save you money, by being creative in the solutions they present to you. 


Our name is says it all, "DFW Best Roofing". We are the best, because we are the best. We are the most certified roofing company in the DFW area. We carry the best insurance. We have the best crew. We have the best roofing materials. We have one of the best warranties in the DFW area. We act as a general contractor and well as a  subcontractor  depending on the situation of how has hired our services. 


 We have one of the best roofing insurance policies. Our policies not only protects the company, "DFW Best Roofing" but also protects are subcontractors and employees. Most companies that have an insurance policy do not cover the subcontractors. 90% of the roofing work is done by subcontractors in the roofing industry. It is so important to ask your roofer for the their insurance policy and call the insurance company and confirm that they have insurance. We at DFW Best Roofing have a two million dollar policy while majority of the roofing companies have a one million dollar policy. This is because we at DFW Best Roofing doing both residential and commercial roofing.We do all types of roofing, residential and commercial. 


WE do asphalt shingle   roofing, asphalt roll roofing, solar shingle, green roof, we do Tile roofing, we do slate roofing, we do metal roofing ,corrugated galvanized iron  panels, and  stone-coated steal we even to Decra and Gerard roofing, and we even do flat roofs. We all types of single ply roofing. We are experts of   TPO membrane roofing   . We also do EPDM , and PVC , including liquid roofing, asbestos, sheet metal, and copper . We also do all types of roof repairs. We also do roof inspections. We also help buyers, sellers, real estate agents to pass the inspection at an affordable price. We do everything roofing and building envelope                                                                                                                              


We have the lowest prices in the industry. We will beat any written bid by 5%. It is important to ask for an itemized estimate so you can compare what contractor A and contractor B are giving. Ask a lot of questions. Ask about the brands that will be used. Ask about the warranty. If the price is too good to be true it most likely is. Insurance companies what you to get 3 different bids. That is always a good idea.


When hail  or hailstone   strikes storm chasers come in and try to sell you their services. It is important to make sure the roofing company you hire is a local. Storm chasers come into town, sign up with a local roofing company, so when that happens make sure the roofing company that the storm chaser is representing can handle the warranties and that they have been in business in the local area to have established a good track record. 


 One of the things we are most proud at DFW Best Roofing is our certifications. We have over 30 certifications. This is because we are an educationally based company, and we use the same methodology with our customers. We educate our customers and give them two or more options so the customers can choose.        

Our roofers would like to THANK YOU in advance for considering Your Local Roofing Company to do your roof work. We are your premier DFW / Dallas Fort Worth roofing company. Do you have a roof leak? Are your home or buildings contents getting wet every time it rains? As your local residential & commercial roofing contractors we can help. We remain the best DFW Dallas Fort Worth roofing company in your area. Here we have qualified roofers ready to assist and meet with you on any day you are available-- not salespeople. We can take care of any and all of your roofing DFW / Dallas-Fort Worth needs. Call us today to schedule a complimentary roof inspection or a FREE roof quote at 1-817-381-6855. Many times we can offer an over the phone ballpark or even exact quote. We have same day roof estimates available in most cases. Just give us a call.Your DFW / Dallas Fort Worth roofing contractors specialize in Commercial and Residential roofing. We are experts in shingle roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, and tile roofing. Our DFW / Dallas Fort Worth roofers are among the best in the industry. They are highly skilled and very safety conscious. Our company prides itself on this. So if you need a commercial roofer we have you covered. If it is residential roofers you need we have you covered as well. If you need a new roof or a roof repair or just not sure what your options are, we offer a FREE roof inspection for you. We can also have a roof estimate drawn up for you, quickly in the same day (in some cases within minutes.. Give us a call today. We will have a roofer meet with you at your property. Free phone consultations are also available to see if our company is right for you.

Roofing Dallas - Fort Worth Roofing Wind or Hail Roof Damage?

If you think you have wind or hail damage we can help you file a roof claim. We can work directly with you and your insurance company. Our seamless process can help you get approved for a NEW ROOF. We handle this via an insurance agreement. This will give us permission to meet with your insurance company. Our DFW TX roofing contractors are experts in insurance paperwork needs. This service is FREE of charge. If you are not approved for a new roof you are not obligated or owe us anything for the services. Our some of our roofers are also insurance experts, who work on your paperwork. It doesn’t get any better. Call us today and we can let you know exactly what we can do for you. Contact us at 1-817-381-6855

Dallas F ort Worth TX Roofing Company Is your roof leaking?

Is your roof in really bad shape? If so and it is leaking when it rains and you need an emergency tarp installed, we can do that through our emergency tarp program. No Cost to you out of pocket, we bill your insurance company direct. We do this after they come out and look at the damages with us. The funds get sent directly to you the property owner to replace the entire roof. That’s why it is important to work with a professional such as ourselves. We have many years of experience. Your Dallas Fort Worth roofing company remains the top commercial & residential local roofers year after year. If you have a roof leak, we can find it. We will fix it right and give you peace of mind. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

DFW Roofing Contractor Insurance Claims EXPERTS!

As we all know different companies get different results. Our expertise in the restoration industry, along with our level of professionalism, speaks volumes. Our DFW roofers extends this courtesy to all of its customers. We also do this for the insurance adjusters we meet and speak to as well. We have a lot of experience backing us.These are just some of the benefits of working with us. You have all of our great resources at your disposal. Give us a call today for a free consultation. We look forward to talking with you.

Dallas TX, and Fort Worth TX Roofing Contractors 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair Service

Our DFW Dallas Fort Worth Roofing Company has 24hr roof repair service. If you have a major roof leak give us a call. We can have a repair tech meet with you at any time. Your local roofing company is at your disposal. If it is an emergency we can even work on a holiday. Our repair crew will get your roof fixed right. Having you well on your way to getting your property back up to the standards you want it to be. Simply give us a call. As your #1 rated DFW Dallas Fort Worth roofing company we can give you options and let you know exactly what we can do for you. Call 817 381 6855 and reach us directly. Thank you for considering Your Local Roofing Company to install your roof. We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. Check out Your Local Roofing Company on the BBB!

Are you looking a Cedar Hill Roofer or a roof sales person? If you said roofer you are at the right page. Roofer In Cedar Hill or around your area will come out and offer you the best Cedar Hill Roofing Service. Cedar Hill Roofing is a very a competitive and risky service. Too many people acting as roofers who know just enough to get by but will not offer any warranty or just do a sloppy job. Weather you need a Cedar Hill Re Roof or Cedar Hill Roof Repair. You need a Cedar Hill Roofing Contractor who has pride in his or her craftsmanship. Cedar Hill Roofers are among the best roofers in the industry. Cedar Hill Roofing contractors make sure the roof repair of roof install is done according to manufactures specifications. There are many different types of Cedar Hill Roofing Services. We are the company other companies hire to do the job. We have been doing the work of a Cedar Hill Commercial Roofer as well as residential jobs. As a Cedar Hill Commercial Roofing Contractor we carry a two million dollar insurance policy. Make sure the Roofer In Cedar Hill you hire has been doing Roofing In Cedar Hill for some time. As a Roofing Contractor In Cedar Hill for almost a decade, we pride ourselves for the Roofing Service In Cedar Hill we have done. We do everything roofing; shingles, tile, wood shake, slate, metal, stone coated steel, and all types of flat roofs, single ply or more. We are experts of TPO roofing also. So, weather its a Re Roof In Cedar Hill or Roof Repair In Cedar Hill our Roofers In Cedar Hill will make sure you are happy. Your happiness is the bottom line. After meeting with us and seeing our work, as so many of our past customers have, you will believe we are the Best Roofer in Cedar Hill. This is why half of our customer base comes from referrals. WE offer every type of Roofing Services In Cedar Hill. WE won the award for the best Roofing contractors In Cedar Hill by Houzz in customer service.