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By: dfwroofingsolutions | October 22, 2016

shingles repair
shingles repair

Sometimes because of heat shingles get stuck and baked into one another. We suggest to  seperate shingles only in selected cases of repairs.  You will have to take your time and not hurry. You need water, ice, and a putty knife.  

Trying to repair a leak is one instance in which this is technique can be used. It is extremely harde to get shingles to separate . If it is a roof on top of another roof and it is like the shingles are melted together (baked from the sun). Everything will tears up the shingles. A warm day will not work. A cloudy early morning when the shingles where slightly wet and cool will not work either. Just using a putty knives and oscillating tool will rip up the shingles. Using the putty knife angle it down a bit so if it...

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