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By: dfwroofingsolutions | October 22, 2016

shingles repair
shingles repair

Sometimes because of heat shingles get stuck and baked into one another. We suggest to  seperate shingles only in selected cases of repairs.  You will have to take your time and not hurry. You need water, ice, and a putty knife.  

Trying to repair a leak is one instance in which this is technique can be used. It is extremely harde to get shingles to separate . If it is a roof on top of another roof and it is like the shingles are melted together (baked from the sun). Everything will tears up the shingles. A warm day will not work. A cloudy early morning when the shingles where slightly wet and cool will not work either. Just using a putty knives and oscillating tool will rip up the shingles. Using the putty knife angle it down a bit so if it...

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By: dfwroofingsolutions | April 21, 2015

I met an old lady the other day who had a roof leak.  The story she told is the same story I have heard her so many times from so many people.  Her roof leak is still not fixed.  Even though before us three other roofers has come out.  

So many people a hire a roofing company to do a repair only to find that they have to call them again, and every time they come the problem goes away for a awhile but then comes back.  Many times the roofers will not even come back, nor will they give any warranties on the work.

There are many aspects to a roof repair, like making sure you know where the leak is actually come from, etc.  However, the single most important question that would help avoid this problem is to ask the question, "Are you going t...

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By: dfwroofingsolutions | February 11, 2015


A home is built to last a long time; however the roof of the home does not last as long as the home. Over time a roof can be damaged or it can simply wear out. When it does, the structure that is beneath the roof is not protected in the way it is supposed to be.  A damaged roof can end up causing extensive damage to the home that may shorten the lifetime of the home if nothing is done.

One of the most common ways that a person realizes they are having problems is when they notice a leak in the house. This a definite a sign that something is wrong. The homeowner will have to learn more to determine if they should repair the roof or replace the roof.Before making a decision, consider the following:-

It is important to make the right choice abo...

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