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By: dfwroofingsolutions | December 19, 2015

Your roof is the first barrier of defense against the elements when it comes to your home or business.  Flashing is an essential part of your roof system.  When installed correctly, it is essential in preventing water intrusion at various locations on your roof.

What is flashing?

The protective seal that prevents water intrusion at areas such as skylights, chimneys, dormers and vents is called flashing.  Flashing is a critical preventive measure for moisture damage where water is most prone to penetrate a roof’s surface.

Where is flashing important?

Flashing is important at all roof penetrations, including edges, valleys, joints and any grooves, gaps, intersections and projections on the roof of any structure.

How can improper flashing damage my...

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By: dfwroofingsolutions | December 18, 2015

Most people like to have their a new roof installed in the spring, fall or summer. This beds the question;  what happens to the roofs that are installed in the cold winter months?

Often customers ask us if it is okay to install a new shingle roof when the temperatures are extremely cold. This is especially concerning when they have a choice and must replace their roof immediately.

There are no specific industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation for asphalt shingles, however, various manufacturers do make recommendations. DFW Best  Roofing installs roofs all year round, although, we do pay careful attention to the weather and elect to hold off for warmer days for certain types of applications.

The most important step for a roofin...

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By: dfwroofingsolutions | December 17, 2015

A roof is a major investment, and if you are going to spend the money to get a new one, you should find out what kind of warranty it has to protect your investment. Since most people probably don’t spend much time reading the fine print, here is a simple guide to understanding and getting the most from your Billings roofing warranty.

Understand the Extent of a Warranty

The first thing you should know about a warranty is that they are not a guarantee that your roof is going to last forever. If you have a good warranty and something happens to your Dallas / Fort Worth roofing, you can get it repaired with little or no cost to you. It’s important to know what is required of you as the consumer to keep your warranty valid, including regular inspe...

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By: dfwroofingsolutions | December 17, 2015

Getting a good roofing contractor is a critical part of ensuring that your roofing work is done right. Unfortunately, not all Dallas / Fort worth roofing contractors are created equal—but here are a three basic keys to look for when you are searching for a contractor.

1. Company Background

Not many people understand the importance of finding out some basic information about a company before you hire them to do any roofing in DFW Metroplex area. Some key questions to ask are how long the company has been in business, and whether they are a local company. If a company has been in business a long time, you can usually trust that they are reliable and have good customer service. Sometimes roofers will advertise in an area, but if they don’t have ...

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