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Roof Repair on Homes and Businesses

The size and style of a building are important influences on the difficulty and cost of roofing projects. Roof repairs on most houses can be completed with standard tools and equipment and cost an average of $228 in the U.S. Often larger and with different roof styles than single-family homes, apartment and business buildings may require roofers to use special lift and safety equipment to make repairs. Repair issues having to do with building types contribute to average costs of $228 for roof repairs on apartment buildings and $228 for commercial buildings.

Roofing Materials

A variety of roofing materials are popular throughout the country, each with unique repair requirements. Most residential roofing contractors are skilled and equipped to make repairs to typical wood, asphalt, metal, and tile roofs, with average repair prices of $210 for wood shake repairs, $258 for metal roof projects, and $203 when working with tile. Depending on your location, specialized installers may be needed to make repairs to some materials, costing about $284 for a flat roof, $203 for repairs to foam, $203 for single ply surfaces, and $203 for natural slate repairs.


Leaky Roof

Often, a homeowner’s first clue to roof problems is evidence of leaks. While the size and location of a leak on the inside cannot determine the extent of repairs needed on the roof, the source of a leak can usually be determined for an efficient fix. While repair rates will vary with the location and severity of damage, as well as with the roof style and material, prices generally range from $126 to $415 .


Sagging Roof

Repairing a sagging roof may require the removal and replacement of shingles and sheathing, or repairs to the underlying structure of your roof. Making repairs to sagging roofs typically costs between $126 and $415 , and depends largely on whether sagging occurs in spaces between rafters, where roof lines meet, along the surface of the roof, or at the ridge. Replacing rotted sheathing in a span between rafters may be an economical repair for a roofer, while extensive framing improvements can be a substantial and expensive undertaking, requiring the services of a framing contractor.


Missing Shingles

Wind, exposure and other damage can cause shingles to break off and fall from a roof. The difficulty of replacing shingles depends on their type and the overall condition of the roof material and sheathing. Replacing missing shingles and making related repairs cost from $121 to $386, with rates also influenced by the size and location of the damaged area.


Broken Shingles

Some damage to shingles can be repaired with sealant, but in most cases broken shingles must be replaced in order to maintain a watertight roofing surface. Prices for repairing a roof with broken shingles range from $121 to $386, varying with the size of the service area and the type of shingles to repair or replace.


Water Stained Ceilings

Stains on ceilings are usually a clear indication of a water leak, but the source may not be clear from the location of the stains. Water penetration can occur from roof damage, excessive condensation in attic spaces, inadequate roof flashing, melting of ice dams, or from water driven into roof vents or under shingles during extreme weather conditions. Repair requirements will depend on the cause of water damage, but generally cost between $126 and $415 across the country.


Skylight is Leaking

Fixing leaks from and around skylights may require repairs to the skylight, flashing, and roofing material in order to restore a watertight seal. Repairs for leaking skylights cost from $126 to $415, depending on the source and severity of damage. If prolonged leaking has caused damage to roof sheathing, framing, or the skylight’s structure, replacement of these components may be required.


Broken or Rusted Roof Flashing

Flashing is used in a number of applications to direct water down the roof and prevent it seeping in under shingles or around objects that penetrate a roof’s surface. Damage to flashing in valleys, along walls, and around chimneys, skylights and vent pipes often leads to leaks and water damage to roof structures. Flashing can be repaired or replaced for $126 to $415, depending on its location, material, and condition. Replacing flashing usually requires the removal and Installation or replacement of some shingles or siding, so the amount of damaged flashing affects the complexity and time needed for repairs.


Planning for Roof Repairs

The nature of problems you experience with your roof will help your contractor determine the type and extent of repairs that are needed. The height, style, and material of your roof may contribute to project costs, as well as the type of repair and contractor that are required.

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