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Refferal Special

Typically we can qualify the current owner for a new roof at NO COST out of pocket. This is a huge deal because it saves them thousands.  We give a transferable warranty which gives the potential buyer peace of mind, and we pay up to a $500 cash referral to the agent that gives us the referral. 

Benefits to Real Estate Agent, Home Inspector, or anyone for Referring to us:-

  • Higher Property Value
  • Bigger Commissions
  • Nicer Curb Appeal
  • Thrilled Clients
  • $300- $500 Referral depending on the size of the roof
  • We do know people that are trying to sell their home.
  • Faster turn around selling a home.
  • Less to explain on the Inspector's report.
  • A huge load and weight off of your shoulders as well as the current home owner.

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