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Did your insurance claim get rejected? Read this...

Only 1% of disappointed claimants challenge their denials. Of those who fight back, 50% win. If your claim contains no exaggerations, you can win. You should even challenge accepted claims and ask for even more. You have good chances of winning. 

What can you do when either you insurance company did not pay up what it promised to or simply rejected your claim. Now, over the years I the years I have this being done fairly most of the time. However, sometimes the people did deserve the claim sometimes fall through the cracks, and end up being treated unfairly.


Many homeowners’ insurance claims are answered over the telephone – with no written record. You must always insist that the insurance company give you a comprehensive printed reply to your claim, with explanations. Some states even require written explanations. With one of these in hand, you are better able to study their explanations for discrepancies. Often, there denials depend on personal interpretations of the rules by a claims officer. Challenging these can bring results.


You should call the company weekly and persistently ask for a quick settlement. Make sure that you maintain detailed logs of all phone calls and the names of the people you speak to. You will have proof for your fight then. 

The best thing to do is not lose your head, don't take for face value the first settlement the insurance company offers you. It may be in your best interest to negotiate with the insurance company to have a readjustment of your property made by an independent adjuster rather than the insurance company appointed adjuster. DFW Best Roofing can always help you with this process.

If you do not agree, and have had a roofing company that is 100% sure that they were wrong, get a few other opinions of roofers. Once you are the insurance company made a mistake, file for a reclaim.  Of Course, DFW Best Roofing can help you with this process.  We have helped 100's homeowners who were initially rejected by the insurance company, but after some hard work, the insurance company realized they may have made a mistake.

 If they do not agree to have your damage readjusted by an independent adjuster you still have the option to have the damage re-inspected by an independent adjuster and submit that adjustment to the insurance company for review. You may end up having to paying for the independent adjuster about $200 bucks, but you will do so if your initial settlement is considerably off the mark of any legitimate repair estimates you might have.

 Insurance companies have gotten into the habit of sending out low adjustment valued claims in hopes that they'll weed out those that are only going to take the money and run with it rather than actually repairing their properties. It's one of the easiest ways for them to get ahead of the game and not having to pay out as much in claims.

 If it appears that that's what your insurance company has done to you, don't give up. Get as much supporting information as you can about the damage to your home. Get as many independent estimates for repair as you can and submit them to your insurance company. It shouldn't be too difficult to get those estimates because many companies in this depressed economy are willing to go the extra mile in order to obtain business.

Iit's your job to prove to them that they are responsible to pay via the terms of your insurance contract. Don't expect them to read the fine print for you, and don't expect them to do anything to help you meet their timeline. So keep after them: daily if you need to. Make sure to make copies of all your documentation and every communication that you send or receive from your insurance company.

 The bottom line is if you feel you haven't been treated fairly by your insurance company, especially if you have a replacement cost guarantee, then you need to do everything in your power to ensure that the insurance company treats your claim fairly and gives you the money necessary to complete the repairs to your home. Remember to be courteous, prove your case with documentation and keep very good records. If you do these few simple things, you stand a better chance of getting a proper insurance settlement for the damages you incurred.

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